The user-friendly climate computers in combination with BigFarmNet make for optimum pig climate control in every pig house. In addition to temperature control, control of cooling and soaking are also part of their capability. A temperature-controlled emergency opening system ensures survival of the pigs in the event of power failure.
135pro or 235pro in combination with BigFarmNet hardware and the BigFarmNet-Manager software

Big Dutchman‘s new climate computers 135pro and 235pro are an important prerequisite for a reliably working ventilation system in your pig house, no matter whether this concerns sows, piglets or fi nishing pigs. Both computers are available for one or two house compartments, the only difference is that the 235pro provides more functions.

Precise control, functional reliability and user-friendliness are, of course, important characteristics of both computers. In addition to temperature and humidity control, the functional range also includes heating, cooling and wetting. There are also several pause functions available, such as soaking for example.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • Coolbox
  • CombiCool
  • RainMaker