Novus International Novus International - IPPE 2014
Novus International - IPPE 2014

Facing The Poultry Industry’s Greatest Challenges. Together.

Today’s poultry industry faces multiple and often contradictory challenges to profitability. Between managing margins and servicing customers, every stakeholder in the supply chain is working to meet financial metrics, strict quality expectations and dynamic market demands.

Novus recognizes these challenges and is here to help turn them into opportunity. From our unique position, we understand the perspective of all stakeholders and can facilitate the connections needed to solve problems and meet customer demands. It comes down to working together, beginning with the end product in mind and finding the optimum places to invest in the production chain which yield the greatest return on investment. It starts with a conversation, so come by our booth and join us at the events we’re hosting during IPPE.

Visit Novus at Booth #1529 or at the Following Events:

Monday 1/27
  • 10:45AM IPSF Oral Presentation:
    • “Effect of probiotics on the development of bacterial chondronecrosis with osteomyelitis in poultry.”
      • Georgia World Congress Center Room B312
      •  Dr. Juxing Chen
  • 12PM-1PM Novus Luncheon at IPSF
    • “How Consumer Preference Drives Poultry Processing”
      • Dr. Shelly McKee of Auburn University will discuss how consumer demand has driven higher bird weights along the poultry value chain, and the effect this has on bird health, plant equipment and portion sizing.
      • Room B401 and 402
  • 2:15PM IPSF Oral Presentation:
    • “Forty-two day evaluation of a microbial phytase in phosphorus deficient broiler diets via live broiler performance and tibia bone ash.”
      • Room B313
      • Dr. Megharaja Manangi 
  • 2:30PM IPSF Oral Presentation:
    • “Twenty-one day evaluation of microbial phytase inclusion in phosphorus deficient broiler diets via live broiler performance and tibia bone ash.”
      • Room B313
      • Dr. Megharaja Manangi 

Tuesday 1/28:

  • 8:15AM IPSF Oral Presentation:
    • “The efficacy of a next generation microbial phytase on performance and bone ash of broiler chicks fed non-phytate phosphorus deficient corn-soybean meal based diets.” 
      • Room B313
      • Dr. Megharaja Manangi 
  • 4PM-5PM Novus 88 Party at Booth #1529, Hall A  

Wednesday 1/29:

Thursday 1/30:

Complete rules and regulations for the “Novus Fast Facts Contest” can be found here.


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