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Xanthophylls are naturally-occurring yellow pigments that form one of the two major divisions of carotenoids. The other is carotenes which provide the orange and red hues found in plants. Like other carotenoids, xanthophylls are found in the highest quantity in the leaves of green plants.

The group of xanthophylls includes many compounds such as the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. The level of lutein and zeaxanthin ingested as part of the poultry diet has a direct effect on the color of the egg yolk and skin. Since color is an indication of quality, producers often supplement the animal diet to achieve the exact level of pigmentation desired.

XAMACOL® feed premixture is based on natural lutein and zeaxanthin, extracted from marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta). XAMACOL is a yellow pigment that delivers consistent and uniform color for the egg yolk and broiler skin. When used in combination with red carotenoids, XAMACOL delivers the desired level of yellow coloring as well as efficient absorption, optimal dispersability and stability in final feed. All active ingredients are found in a highly bioavailable form, which makes this product completely effective and reliable for pigmenting purposes.

Product features:

  • Homogeneous particle size providing top bioavailability
  • Free-flowing characteristics
  • Easy handling and application
  • Produced in line with the Novus Quality Management System
  • 98 percent saponifcation level guaranteed
  • Safe long-term storage
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