Rules aim to end stink over farms' smell

by 5m Editor
1 March 2005, at 12:00am

MILWAUKEE - Cow 169 produces an average of 80 pounds of milk each day, a little more than nine gallons, on Bill Bruins&#39; Waupun farm. She eats 150 pounds of feed -- corn, hay, soybeans -- every day to maintain her 1,500-pound bulk and generate milk. Of course, what comes in, goes out. She also produces her share of manure -- lots. She and her bovine compatriots are at the center of proposed rules that, among other things, would attempt to quantify just how stinky some farms can get in Wisconsin. It&#39;s a growing problem as city folks move out to rural areas and realize they don&#39;t like the smell while at the same time dairy farms are consolidating and getting bigger. One animal, however, does not equal one animal unit. A beef cow is one unit and a dairy cow is 1.4 animal units -- because they create more manure -- while a dairy heifer that weighs between 400 and 800 pounds is 0.6 animal unit and a 55-pound pig is considered 0.4 animal unit. <i>Source: JS Online</i>

5m Editor