Farmers should record SFP calls

by 5m Editor
29 April 2005, at 12:00am

UK - Farmers have been advised to keep a record of answers given by the single farm payment helpline because of concerns about the quality of the information they are getting. A number of producers have complained to FARMERS WEEKLY that they have been given contradictory or incorrect information by the helpline. An adviser who asked not to be named, said: &quot;The level of frustration is rising by the day. They are not answering the questions farmers are asking.&quot; Writing on Farmers Weekly Interactive, a reader called Jim said: &quot;I have rung the RPA and the Entry Level Stewardship scheme helplines six times with the same question and I have had six different answers or interpretations of the rules.&quot; Martin Howarth, NFU policy director, said the union had &quot;quite a lot of evidence&quot; that some farmers had been given incorrect advice. <i>Source: FWi</i>

5m Editor