Canadian farmers need more market clout - report

by 5m Editor
12 July 2005, at 12:00am

WINNIPEG, Manitoba - Canadian farmers are locked in a long-term income crisis and need governments to work harder to defend their interests, said a report by a Canadian parliamentarian that was released on Monday. Farmers have made &quot;negligible&quot; income for the past 15 years and have relied on government aid and off-farm jobs, said Wayne Easter, parliamentary secretary to Canada&#39;s agriculture minister. &quot;The income crisis for family farms is not short term or cyclical. It is long term and systemic -- and it is global,&quot; Easter said in his report, which he presented to federal and provincial farm ministers last week. Not including government payments, average income per farm has fallen from a peak of C$21,000 ($17,213) in the 1970s to C$6,400 in the 1980s, C$4,500 in the 1990s, and has averaged a loss of C$7,000 since 2000, the report said. Easter met with more than 450 farmers this year to prepare the report. <i>Source: Metro</i>

5m Editor