How to eliminate salmonella bacteria from the poultry production process

by 5m Editor
19 September 2005, at 12:00am

GEORGIA - A team of researchers in the newly-formed Department of Population Health at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine has launched a study to determine how to eliminate salmonella bacteria from the poultry production process. &quot;What we&#39;re trying to do is trace salmonella through the food chain, so we can identify at what point in the poultry industry we can introduce intervention measures most effectively,&quot; said John Maurer, associate professor of population health and head of the research team. &quot;Knowing where the salmonella comes from is important so that we can reduce its transmission to the final product that the consumer eats.&quot; &quot;This research will become a landmark study that will provide the basic understanding of the spread of salmonella,&quot; said John Glisson, head, population health. &quot;This is an important indicator of the prominent role that UGA has taken in food safety research in this country.&quot; The problem is that in chickens and many other animals salmonella rarely causes illness. Adult chickens can be carriers of the bacteria and yet appear perfectly healthy. <i>Source:</i>

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