EU research head calls for more food R&D

by 5m Editor
12 October 2005, at 12:00am

EU - A series of five EU-funded projects announced today in the UK are a sign that the bloc is moving to rebuild public confidence in its food industry and is willing to invest more in research and development for the sector. The €61.6m devoted to the projects are part of a plan by the European Commission to beef up investment in food research and development in the bloc. The effort is part of a plan to get governments and the food industry to put more into R&D to help keep them competitive. Only about one per cent of the food industry&#39;s turnover is put into R&D compared to between three to five per cent in other industries. Christian Patermann, the European Commission director general for research, told that more money was needed for food R&D research if the EU&#39;s processors hoped to remain competitive. Patermann is also the Commission&#39;s director for biotechnology, agricultural and food. He cited increasing competition from the US, China and India as an incentive for more development of products to meet consumers needs. <i>Source: FoodProductionDaily</i>

5m Editor