Replacing fertiliser with manure

by 5m Editor
11 October 2005, at 12:00am

UK - This season&#39;s harvest results showed how valuable organic matter is in boosting yields. &quot;If we&#39;d have mapped them I&#39;m sure they would have followed exactly where we had used sewage sludge and chicken manure,&quot; says Mr Blatchford. So next season he aims to double cattle and sheep numbers to provide more home-produced crop nutrients and boost supplies for the estate&#39;s specialist meat-selling enterprise. A 10,000 free-range poultry unit for home-slaughtered table birds, using all home-grown rations, is also anticipated. &quot;We&#39;re planning to replace as much increasingly expensive fertiliser as we can with manure.&quot; For the poultry, which will be housed in polytunnels, the priority will be simplicity. &quot;We&#39;ll want to avoid the trap that caught out some early outdoor pig producers tempted away from low-cost housing. We must work on the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle.&quot; <i>Source: FWi</i>

5m Editor