Game birds offer delectable alternative to turkey, chicken

by 5m Editor
9 January 2006, at 12:00am

US - If you&#39;re still suffering from Thanksgiving-induced turkey trauma, why not roast a goose? For that matter, cook a duck, or a pheasant, or a squab (or two, since they&#39;re small), or a quail (or several, since they&#39;re tiny). If European traditions of eating game birds at festive occasions don&#39;t fan your interest, maybe the notion of eating locally will. &quot;These birds are all native to the Midwest,&quot; said Jason Handelman, the executive chef at Fox & Obel Food Market in Chicago. &quot;They&#39;re what the first people in this area ate. So in a sense, we&#39;re coming back full circle.&quot; As a result, he said, Fox & Obel&#39;s sales for the game birds are up about 20 percent in the last year. Others who sell game birds say the same thing. &quot;Sales are up every fall,&quot; said Ray Lekan, a butcher at Paulina Meat Market in Chicago. &quot;In the fall and winter, they&#39;ll sell double the normal. But some people use them all year round.&quot; Traditionally, you had to be a pretty good shot to bag these classic game birds, so they have always been associated with luxury. Consider &quot;pheasant under glass,&quot; the cliched description of a fine entree in a snooty restaurant. Imagine planning a dinner party for 12 and counting on your favorite hunter to bring home enough quail for everyone to have two. <i>Source: Lansing State Journal</i>

5m Editor