Netherlands begins milestone vaccination

by 5m Editor
16 March 2006, at 12:00am

THE NETHERLANDS - Veterinarians begin the precautionary vaccination of Dutch chickens against bird flu on Thursday. First in line are the &#39;Barnevelders&#39; and Bantam hens that are usually reared in the open air. The start of the vaccination programme is a milestone, as it is the first time since 1992 farm animals can be vaccinated as a precuation against a dangerous illness. The European Union has adhered to a &#39;no-vaccination&#39; policy throughout the 1990s. The policy has started to crumble in recent years as farmers demanded the right to vaccinate during outbreak of swine fever and foot-and-mouth in cattle. The European Commission (EC) gave way to demands from the Netherlands and France - Europe&#39;s largest poultry producers - three weeks ago for the right to vaccinate commercial birds as a precaution against the H5N1 bird flu. The bird flu has been detected in 11 countries in the EU, but not the Netherlands. <i>Source: Expatica</i>

5m Editor