Housing free-range birds can work

by 5m Editor
21 April 2006, at 12:00am

UK - So far, housing restrictions for free-range birds have been limited to 45 units in Scotland&#39;s wild bird risk area. But what are the challenges of housing free-range birds? A producer well-placed to answer that is David Brass of Penrith-based Lakes Free Range Eggs. He knows only too well after being caught up in the 2001 foot-and-mouth crisis on the family&#39;s beef and sheep farm. &quot;We were already selling eggs to supermarkets and foodservice customers from our own 27,000-bird flock at the time when foot-and-mouth came. The whole lot faced shutdown,&quot; he said. A neighbouring farm had a suspected case and a Form D restriction was placed on all units within a 3km (1.9-mile) radius. &quot;It was a nightmare - nothing allowed in or out, no staff movements - everything just came to a halt overnight.&quot; <i>Source: FWi</i>

5m Editor