Government sends out ads to ease bird flu worries

by 5m Editor
8 May 2006, at 12:00am

WASHINGTON - Hoping to prevent a scare over deadly bird flu, the government is distributing television and radio commercials assuring people that chicken is safe to eat. &quot;Mmm, that chicken looks great. But what about bird flu?&quot; a man asks in one of the ads. His wife says she read that bird flu is unlikely to reach people&#39;s dinner plates. &quot;And even if it did, we have the power to ensure our chicken is safe,&quot; she says. An announcer lists four steps for food safety: Clean hands and cooking surfaces. Separate raw and cooked foods. Cook poultry to at least 165 degrees. Chill leftovers promptly. The Agriculture Department on Thursday began sending out a series of commercials, interview excerpts, video footage and photos to television and radio stations with the goal of easing people&#39;s minds and clearing up misconceptions about bird flu. <i>Source: Chicago Defender</i>

5m Editor