Chicken Farmers to Try Trees to Cut Odors

by 5m Editor
9 June 2006, at 12:00am

US - Chicken farmer Sang Park pays to have his poultry houses cleaned three times a year. But his neighbors still complain about the odor from his operation. &quot;They don&#39;t like chicken houses,&quot; Park said. &quot;They say they smell bad, but depending on the wind direction and temperature, you can only smell them a couple of hundred feet away.&quot; Resident Darrell McFadden disagreed. He said that on hot summer mornings he regrets moving to the Lower Shore from Baltimore. &quot;We came here for some fresh air, but we certainly didn&#39;t get that,&quot; McFadden told The (Salisbury) Daily Times. <i>Source: Forbes </i>

5m Editor