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Trouw Nutrition and Aimco Agree to Cooperate

by 5m Editor
3 December 2008, at 6:12am

SAUDI ARABIA - Trouw Nutrition and Arabian Integral Ministration Company (Aimco) have signed a co-operation agreement regarding feed premix production.

Trouw Nutrition Int., a leading global animal nutrition company and Arabian Integral Ministration Company (Aimco) and its branches, one of the most important players in the Saudi-Arabian agricultural industry, announce their agreement for a strategic alliance in the field of premix production in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and sales of feed additives and feed specialities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The alliance will consist of a technology transfer agreement regarding the production, quality control, sourcing of raw materials, optimization of premixes and a distribution agreement for a number of Trouw Nutrition's well-known branded Feed Additives and specialities.

For Aimco, the alliance is an excellent opportunity to build its position in the growing GCC for premixes, feed ingredients and feed specialities. For the production and sales of Aimco's premixes, a new dedicated company Saudi Feed Mix will be established and a brand-new state-of-the art premix plant will be built nearby Riyadh. Saudi Feed Mix will be able to apply the technology and to use the main premix brand, Farmix of Trouw Nutrition. The co-operation includes the system of quality assurance and the supply of ingredients for premix production and the necessary technology to guarantee the production of high quality premixes in the market.

In Saudi Arabia, Aimco is currently active in feed production and is one of the main importers of feed raw materials and feed additives. The building of the premix factory of Saudi Feed Mix will start in 2009 and is expected to be running in October 2009.

Aimco is already distributor of Trouw Nutrition for the sales of products like the toxin binder Novasil Plus and Betain. For Trouw Nutrition the further cooperation with Aimco fits in its strategy to expand the sales of Trouw Nutrition feed additives and feed specialities and increases its presence in the important Saudi market.

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