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Conference to Examine Cost, Availability of Corn

by 5m Editor
1 October 2010, at 9:51am

US - The 2010 Grain Forecast and Economic Outlook Conference will take aim at the latest developments in the rising price of corn, along with other important sessions to keep grain and feed ingredient purchasing managers informed.

Sponsored by US Poultry & Egg Association‘s Poultry & Egg Institute, the annual conference will be held on 10 November at the Airport Hilton Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia.

Lamar Nance of Keystone Foods, and programme chairman said: "Feed manufacturing is a costly and vital function in today's poultry and egg operations, and the increasing cost of corn is a serious concern. Also, grain and feed ingredient purchasing is often a complex procedure. The seminar will provide purchasing managers with the latest supply and demand figures in the Grain and Oilseed Outlook, an Economic Forecast, and other information critical to buyers. And, we hear a lot of discussion about Salmonella in feed. This year's agenda includes a preview of what we can expect down the road about this important issue."

The programme also will include a poultry industry situation report and outlook and a prediction of global weather patterns.

To register for the Grain Forecast and Economic Outlook Conference, click here.

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