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Perdue AgriBusiness Moves to Delaware

by 5m Editor
19 November 2010, at 12:53am

US - Perdue Inc. is to build new office for Perdue AgriBusiness in Seaford, Delaware.

Perdue AgriBusiness, a business unit of Perdue Incorporated, will build a new office in Seaford, Delaware, to support the division's continuing growth.

The new office building, at a site yet to be determined, will replace a 40-year-old facility at the Perdue AgriBusiness complex on Zion Church Road in Salisbury, Delaware.

Approximately 150 current and future executive and support positions will be housed at the new Seaford location. All other Perdue AgriBusiness operations will continue in their current locations, including the grain operations at Zion Church Road in Salisbury.

The move does not affect Perdue's main corporate headquarters in Salisbury, which is currently undergoing a $12.8 million renovation. The Seaford location is centrally located to the Perdue AgriBusiness Delmarva operations and will provide additional space and flexibility not available at the current location.

The new, expanded office space will support the company's growth in grain, feeds, rendering, fertilizer and bioenergy.

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