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CTB Announces Passing of its Founder

by 5m Editor
9 December 2010, at 12:50am

US – CTB, Inc. regretfully announces the death of its founder, Howard S. Brembeck, on Sunday (5 December).

Mr Brembeck founded Chore-Time in 1952 in Alliance, Ohio, to design and build innovative equipment for the care of poultry and livestock. He moved the company to Milford, Indiana, in 1954. In 1957, Mr Brembeck and a partner founded Brock to produce hopper bins for feed storage. In subsequent years, Brock introduced farm and commercial grain storage bins as well.

In 1976, Mr Brembeck established CTB, Inc. to bring Chore-Time and Brock under common ownership. By that time, the company's inventions had revolutionised poultry feeding throughout the world and had made a significant contribution to improving farming efficiency.

Mr Brembeck retired from CTB at the end of 1995. He returned to the Milford headquarters facility to participate in the company's 50th anniversary celebration in 2002. He celebrated his 100th birthday on on 9 February 2010.

Victor A. Mancinelli, president and chief executive officer of CTB, said: "Howard created a legacy of innovation embodied in products of quality and endurance that lives on.

"We are fortunate to have had Howard as our founder. He combined the rare talent of people development and product excellence with a devotion to innovation that guides us still."

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