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EU Gives 'Untimely' OK to Pork, Poultry in Fish Feed

by 5m Editor
18 February 2013, at 8:16am

EU - The European Commission has reapproved the use of reconstituted animal protein for use in fish feed from June 2013, in a move declared "untimely" by French deputy minister for food Guillaume Garot.

The decision, which comes in the throes of the EU-wide horse meat scandal, has not gone down well with the French government, according to France Info.

"France is opposed to this European measure," Mr Garot said in an interview on Friday (15 February), the day after the decision. reports that according to the Commission, the feed could "improve the long term durability of the fisheries sector," adding "these PAPs could be a precious substitute for fish flours, which are a rare resource."

The EU executive banned the use of processed animal proteins (PAPs) for use in farm feed in 1997 for cattle, and in 2001 for all animals, after they were linked to the spread of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or mad cow disease.

The Commission says that their reintroduction does not pose a health risk, as long as it does not involve cannibalism.

"It complies with the latest scientific opinions which say that risk of transmission of BSE between non-ruminant animals is negligible, provided there is no recycling between species."

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