HOLD FOR CEVA APPROVAL Ceva launches ULTIFEND vaccine to US poultry market

1 June 2018, at 12:00am

Ceva Animal Health recently launched a new vaccine in the poultry market, offering protection from three diseases - Newcastle disease, IBD and Marek's disease.

"We're very excited to announce we've received the USDA license for our new product, ULTIFEND, an HVT vector with two gene inserts. The two gene inserts are a Newcastle gene and an IBD gene, so this allows us to have two genes into HVT and get around the interference problem of using two different HVT vectors," said Dr. Kristi Moore, vice president of Research & Development with Ceva Animal Health.

"This means the customer will not have to decide, will I have to use vector immune ND or vector immune IBD, now they can use ULTIFEND and they can have protection against both Newcastle and IBD and Merricks as well."

It was about a seven year process to bring this product to market, and Dr. Moore said half of that time was spent trying to find a stable vector that also gives equal IBD protection versus equal Newcastle protection as well as stability.

As a three-in-one hatchery vaccine, ULTIFEND can be given either in ovo or subcutaneous (SQ) in the hatchery before the birds get out into the barns.

Dr. Moore said Ceva is already making plans to seek registration in other countries.