Earny is a newly developed heat ex- changer from Big Dutchman which can help to reduce heating costs by up to 60 % (in the cold weather period). Earny is a cross-flow heat exchanger. This means that warm house air and cold fresh air simultaneously pass through the exchanger bundles without mixing.
Earny – heat exchanger with high energy efficiency

In addition to the strict separation between used exhaust air and fresh air, the fully-automated cleaning of the filters by means of compressed air is another decisive advantage. The filter unit ensures that the exhaust air is cleaned before it enters the heat exchanger. This prevents obstructions and thus performance loss during a grow-out. After moving broilers, ducks or turkeys out of the house, the filter unit can simply be taken apart and cleaned by means of a high-pressure cleaner inside the barn –> laborious cleaning of the entire heat ex-changer is no longer necessary.

The exchanger element consists of alu- minium and has a ruffled structure. This ensures a high heat transfer rate. A special coating protects the material against ammonia and CO2 and thus ensures a longer service life.

Innovative control technology makes it possible to preheat the fresh air based on outside and house temperature and air humidity. An additional advantage is that the preheated fresh air flows into the barn directly through the side wall so that long tube systems which quickly become un- hygienic are no longer needed. Earny is not only well suited for new buil- dings but can also be retrofitted in old buildings without problems.