The multi-tier broiler battery for hygienic and efficient broiler growing, and for easy and flexible moving-out of the broilers.
AviMax sliding – the multi-tier battery for hygienic and efficient broiler growing

  • easy to operate sliding floors
    • one piece plastic flooring with integrated steel supports, completely corrosion-proof
    • level and flexible surface prevents breast bruises
    • optimum manure penetration
    • made for easy and thorough cleaning, flooring stays inside the system during cleaning;
  • the entire folding cage front can easily be opened –> good accessibility for inspection purposes, easy moving-in;
  • the large cage height of 500 mm in the bird area and the wire mesh partitions make for excellent air exchange throughout the entire barn;
  • zinc-aluminium-coated wire parts provide a high corrosion resistance and a long service life;
  • end-set with central height adjustment for feed and water –> easy to operate;
  • LED tube lights installed above the feed pans
    • optimal lighting, uniform conditions in every compartment
    • different light colours for an ideal chick start and final growing phase
    • suitable for cleaning with a highpressure washer (IP 69 K)