The multi-tier system for hygienic, efficient and successful broiler growing. Big Dutchman's innovative pivoting floor optimizes housing conditions during the growing phase and permits easy moving-out of the ready-to-slaughter broilers. The automatic bird transport by means of manure belts and the Lift cross conveyor reduce working time and costs as well.
AviMax transit – the successful broiler production system with automatic bird transport

AviMax transit is an innovative manure belt system developed by Big Dutchman for broiler growing. It has been designed for maximum profitability and to reduce the overall production cost. This means:

  • two to four times higher stocking density as compared to floor production –> significantly increased utilisation of the house surface area, reduced energy consumption;
  • very hygienic growing conditions –> healthy, uniform flock, increased growth rate, improved feed conversion, up to one crop more per year is possible;
  • quick and easy cleaning and disinfec-tion after every crop –> reduces time between the crops;
  • automatic transport of the ready-forslaughter broilers out of the house –> economisation of working time and costs as well as optimum conditions for container loading to the slaughter house.

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