Adaptable to different poultry house designs, ease of operation and gentle egg handling, with the right system – either lift system, elevator or Multitier collection (on several tiers) for each application. This leaflet shows how to reach a high collecting performance, adaptation to an egg grader or useful accessories.
Egg collection systems - an investment that pays off!

Egg collection systems play an important role in successful layer and breeder management both in fl oor and in cage production. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • they save time and labour costs;
  • production of optimum egg quality, i.e. clean eggs, fewer cracked eggs;
  • accurate count of the total number of eggs produced per tier, row and house.

Big Dutchman egg collection systems meet even the highest requirements:

  • gentle egg transportation;
  • highly reliable;
  • easy to operate.

Based on the farm size, the house design and the individual customer requirements there are different egg collection systems available. This includes elevators, lift systems, curve, rodand vertical conveyors, multitier collection systems as well as table drive systems and manual collection tables.

Before an egg collection system is installed, the following questions should be taken into consideration:

  • Are there uneven ground levels on the farm and are the houses built at different elevations?
  • How large is the capacity of the packer and sorting system?
  • Do you intend collecting the eggs separately for each fl ock or simultaneously?

Let our experts advise you to fi nd the best solution for your individual requirements.