The ventilated poultry cages for layer breeder management is characterised by the production of clean hatching eggs, a low salmonella risk, an optimum bird number and low labour /control requirements. The poultry cage width and therefore the flock size can be specified by the customer.
EUROVENT-Parents – the ventilated manure belt battery for the production of hatching eggs

EUROVENT-Parents is a manure belt battery designed by Big Dutch man especially for layer breeders and the production of hatching eggs.

The cages are 1250 mm (49.2") wide and the standard length is 2412 mm (95"). However the length of the compartment can be enlarged in stages of 603 mm (23.7") so that the customer can individually determine the flock size. A reinforced perch is po - sitioned in the centre of the cages which offers both male and female birds the opportunity to exhibit their natural behaviors.

The individual cages are separated by closed partitions which promote calmness and quiet within the flock by ensuring that males in different groups remain separated.

All wires used for bottom wires and cage fronts are zinc-aluminium coated. This special alloy resists corrosion and rust more effectively that regular cage materials and guarantees a longer service life than our competitors.

EUROVENT-Parents is available with or without air duct.

The system allows for a high stocking density, has minimum labor requirements and ensures clean hatching eggs.