For rearing and growing; satisfies the needs of day-old chicks as well as those of heavy broilers in the final growing phase. Different variants of Fluxx are available to provide an optimal feed pan for every broiler producer worldwide - poultry housing systems for professionals!

The main aim in rearing is for all hens of a flock to reach laying maturity at the same time. A uniform flock can only develop, if all birds have sufficient space to feed. Moreover, pans must be filled simultaneously at the same speed and to the same level to allow all birds of a flock to receive the same amount of feed during restricted feeding.

  • 360° flooding mechanism ensures a high feed level in the pan, by lowering the entire circuit to the floor => ideally suited for day-old chicks;
  • simple and reliable, one-handed adjustment of the feed level in 8 steps by means of a three-way thread => it is not possible to accidentally readjust the feed level;
  • 8 wings on the outer cylinder of the pan prevent feed spillage as lateral knocking-out of the feed is not possible;
  • flat pan dish => good distribution of feed in the pan, reduces feed wastage;
  • the integrated volume reducer allows for small feed rations, thus ensuring fast and simultaneous filling of all pans;
  • 4 cleaning holes in the dish so that remaining wash water can easily run off;
  • easy-to-open locking mechanism to open the hinged pan bottom so that the pan can easily and thoroughly be cleaned after every batch;
  • by means of a tube adapter, the feed pan can also be coupled to the AUGERMATIC conveying system.