The rugged feed pan for successful turkey production (rearing and growing) meets the requirements of day-old poults as well as those of heavy turkeys in the final growing period. Feed transport and filling of all pans of a line is done by means of the reliable AugerMatic conveying system. Modern poultry housing system from Big Dutchman for successful turkey production!
Gladiator – the optimal feed pan for successful rearing and growing of turkeys up to a weight of 25 kg

A feeding system for turkeys has to meet several different requirements which mainly depend on the production method and age of the birds.

During rearing, the feed has to be easily accessible for the poults; later on, in the growing phase, feed wastage has to be prevented. In male rearing, the pan as well as the entire feeding system has to be especially robust.

After each grow-out, it is important that the pans can be cleaned thoroughly and without too much labour.

With Gladiator, we can offer our customers a feed pan that meets all the requirements of a modern feeding system in an ideal way. The Augermatic conveying system ensures the reliable transport of feed, adapted to the requirements on a farm thanks to different conveying capacities (Ø 45, 50.8, 60 mm) and uniform filling of all pans in a feed line