This user-friendly climate computer is a must for a reliable poultry house ventilation in poultry growing or layer management. The temperature-controlled emergency opening fail-safe system ensures the survival of the birds in case of power failure or technical breakdowns.
235pro – the clearly arranged, user-friendly computer for environment control in smaller poultry houses

Big Dutchman‘s 235pro is an important prerequisite for a reliably working ventilation system in your poultry house, whether it involves growing poultry or keeping laying hens.

The 235pro is characterized by precise control, functional reliability and user-friendliness. In addition to temperature and humidity control, the computer controls heating, humidification and cooling. There are also several pause functions available, such as soaking, for example.

The most important advantages at a glance:

  • PID climate computer: The house temperature is regulated quickly and precisely to the required level.
  • USB flash drive: The installation of new programs and customisation of configurations is simple and the flash drive also allows the farm manager to create a backup copy with the individual settings of his climate computer.
  • Display: Any relevant curve progression is displayed graphically. Functions that are used on a daily basis are immediately available in the menu –> easy to operate.
  • Different user levels: The user levels are password protected; non­authorized persons cannot change the computer settings.
  • Modular hardware: Easy to expand when new functions have to be implemented