The professional multi-tier level poultry system for the rearing of healthy, vital and uniform pullets. Big Dutchman's NATURA rearing system ensures only the best prerequisites for a smooth transition of the pullets to the egg production unit.
Innovative poultry systems: NATURA rearing aviary

For rearing of pullets, Big Dutchman offers you the three tier NATURA aviary system. This system offers you the best possible pre-requisites for a smooth transition of the pullets from the rearing to the laying aviary. Uniform and healthy pullets and a good start into the laying phase are the main goal that we want to help you achieve.

Pullets which will later on be moved into aviaries should be reared in similar systems. "Intensive training", (being the key phrase), from the first day onwards allows the birds to easily adapt to the laying aviary later on.

The lower and the central level of the NATURA aviary are equipped with feeding and drinker lines. The upper level is designed as a resting area, as the pullets are naturally drawn to use the highest place at night. This behaviour is encouraged by a sunset simulation, which means the lights in the lower and central level are switched off sooner than the lights in the top level.

Big Dutchman offers you a rearing system ideally customised to your individual requirements. Let our experts advise you!