NATURA60 and NATURA70 are two types of aviaries for layers. The design concept is based on the idea to reduce the management effort and at the same time increase reliable and efficient production.

Both systems provide the following advantages:
  • the aviary remains locked during the familiarisation phase
  • simplified access to feed and water
  • good start into the laying phase
  • minimised number of slat and floor eggs
  • “stairways” provide access for the hens to the different levels, throughout the aviary;
  • the hens reach the scratching area through large openings along the entire length of the system;
  • manageable group sizes thanks to partitions that are installed every 2.41 m;
  • gentler egg transportation as the longitudinal egg belts are located on one level only;
  • simplified collection of system eggs;
  • perfect access to the entire system due to easily operated folding grill;
  • every row is completely functional; it is possible to install a system with only one row in the house

Phase of familiarisation: After the hens are moved in, the system remains locked for some time. This procedure allows the hens to get to know their new environment. Feed and water can easily be accessed and by using the stairways, the hens become accustomed to all levels. A partition installed every 2.41 m makes for manage - able group sizes (NATURA 60 up to 145 birds; NATURA 70 up to 176 birds). This ensures that the nests are evenly used right from the start. After the familiarisation phase is over, the system can be fully opened. The hens are now able to act out their natural behaviours, i.e. scratching, pecking and dust bathing. Note: the pullets should already be reared in an aviary-type system. This is a main condition for a good start into the laying phase and reduces stress when the birds are moved in.