NATURA aviary systems

NATURA – a well-established proven system, which not only stands for welfare friendly housing but also is synonymous with Big Dutchman for:

  • optimum stocking density
  • maximum laying performance
  • very good hygienic conditions in the house
  • minimising mislaid eggs
  • flexible modular system –> will integrate in virtually all buildings with large or small flocks
  • econimic control of working expenditure
  • solid construction.

Following the cage ban in Switzerland in 1981 Big Dutchman have already worked closely with Swiss producers to develop an alternative system of egg production, which would minimise the cost of production disadvantages of any alternative system. Since that time and in conjunction with other producers throughout Europe the NATURA has continued to evolve and develop into what it is today the market leading alternative housing system. In conjunction with the NATURA all other aspects of the system have continued to be developed to maintain the most advantageous ventilation, egg handling, manure drying and removal etc. Let our experts advise you.