Pekino is used in combination with conventional nipple drinkers. The drinker line should be installed above the plastic slats where such flooring is used.
Pekino the deep-drawn cup drinker* for Pekin ducks

Pekino is a drinker for ducks developed by Big Dutchman in cooperation with the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and other experienced experts. The drinker ideally meets the biological requirements Pekin ducks have regarding water. Not only can the ducks easily drink from the cup, they can also wash their bill and submerge their entire head thanks to the cup's special design. These are important prerequisites to keep the ducks healthy and thus lead to ideal fattening results.

Pekino allows an optimal water intake

Big Dutchman - Pekino Big Dutchman - Pekino Big Dutchman - Pekino

The duck can clean its nostrils when it dips its bill deeply into the cup

Submerging the head entirely allows the duck to clean its eyes

The duck can take in sufficient water to spread over its plumage


  • the deep-drawn, funnel-shaped cup ideally meets the biological requirements of the Pekin duck by supplying water in an animal-friendly way;
  • thanks to the mobile pendulum, the duck can independently ensure that more water flows into the cup;
  • water losses due to overflowing are significantly reduced thanks to a special rim for returning water;
  • the use of Pekino contributes to the ducks' health;
  • the requirements in section 11, paragraph 2 of the 'Recommendation concerning domestic ducks' of the Council of Europe are met.