The professional manure belt battery for an optimum start of the day-old chicks and for uniform rearing. This is a decisive feature for later laying performance. Download all information regarding the progressive Big Dutchman rearing concept, the high state of hygiene and the outstanding system quality.
UNIVENT Starter – Battery cage for uniform pullets and dry manure

With the UNIVENT Starter rearing battery cage from Big Dutchman you choose to go the right way, because UNIVENT Starter not only stands for excellent rearing results but also for excellent system quality.

To meet varied requirements of all our customers in an ideal way, we offer UNIVENT Starter with or without ventilation.

To satisfy the different needs of dayolds and pullets, our rearing battery cages consist of two different areas:

  • the start tier and
  • the grow tier.

Quality and uniformity of pullets are crucial factors which later influence their laying performance. Hence, the essential criteria for a successful rearing period are:

  • uniform feed supply;
  • rapid feed distribution;
  • no manure in feed trough positioned outside the cage;
  • sufficient and hygienic drinking water;
  • wire partitions for improved bird control;
  • high functional reliability;
  • easy to operate;
  • reduction of ammonia emissions.

Manure drying:

Air is channelled, via air ducts, into the individual cages, to the birds and the manure. Fresh air can be warmed up with an air mixer (mixing fresh air with house air) or heat exchanger. Both systems are controlled automatically. This additional ventilation aids in bird comfort and more uniform temperature throughout the house.

Manure belt idler unit:

In addition to the standard system, Big Dutchman offers a cleaning auger, which also cleans the manure belt during its return circuit.