With Big Dutchman poultry scales you are always up-to-date on the weight of your stock! We offer the ideal weighing system, mobile or stationary, for every type of poultry production, be it meat or egg production or breeder management.
Weighing systems for continuous monitoring of bird weights

Monitoring of bird weights is an important management tool in modern poultry production. Especially in poultry growing operations the exact recording of bird weights is a decisive factor for economic success.

But also in broiler breeder operations or egg production the farm manager should know the weight development of his stock. Too much or too little weight always has a negative effect on the production results and also means the producer is not taking advantage of the full performance potential of his birds.

Big Dutchman can offer you a broad selection of different weighing systems, be it stationary or mobile solutions, standalone devices or devices that are integrated into a production computer. Let our experts advise you!

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