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Dovac Automatic Injection

Dovac Automatic Injection
Vaccination by Injection is a stress for day-old chicks, so it has to be performed in a short time with a blameless technique. Because of that, we need specific equipment dedicated to perform a high quality vaccination in hatcheries. The equipment provided by CEVA Santé Animale is called DOVAC and is manufactured by Desvac SARL France. DOVAC is developed for injection of Day Old Chicks in the hatchery either by subcutaneous (SC) or intra-muscular (IM) route . This is an automatic injection machine functioning completely based on pneumatic power and with an ergonomic design and a structure for a friendly use.

DOVAC exists in two versions for a single vaccination and a double one: DOVAC Single Injector and DOVAC Double Shot The machine may have a syringe for 0.1 ml, 0.2 ml or 0.25 ml doses adapted for the administration of oil or water vaccines. You can choose the designated syringe according to the vaccine that will be applied:
  • Syringe for oily vaccine (e.g.: CEVAC ® Broiler ND K)
  • Syringe for aqueous vaccine (e.g.: CEVAC ® Transmune IBD)
  • Syringe for Marek vaccine (e.g. Vectormune ® HVT-IBD, Vectormune ® HVT-NDV)
DOVAC Double Injection machine has similar characteristics to the Dovac Automatic Single Injection machine. The main difference is found in the capacity to inject two products in one bird in exact dosage.

Please ask your CEVA contact information describing the operating process for setup, vaccination operation and cleaning of DOVAC machines inside the C.H.I.C.K. Program.

Autovac Automatic Injection

Autovac Automatic Injection
The vaccination robot CEVA AUTOVAC allows to make simultaneously two subcutaneous injections in the chick’s neck and one spray vaccination in the eyes or in the beak of the birds. Thanks to its precision and simplicity the machine allows to get high standardization of the vaccination, low percentage of failure, low stress, no injury for the chicks, high production per hour and maximum safety for the operator.

AUTOVAC is operated by electric and pneumatic power. It is also equipped with 2 needles for two subcutaneous injections plus sprayer for an individual oculonasal vaccination allowing perform until 5 vaccinations at the same time:
  • Oily injection (e.g.: CEVAC ® Broiler ND K)
  • Aqueous injection (e.g.: CEVAC ® Transmune IBD and Marek vaccines)
  • Oculonasal vaccination (e.g.: CEVAC ® VITABRON, CEVAC ® VITAPEST).
Each AUTOVAC machine is a dedicated workstation with a single operator assuring precise vaccination and total operator safety. The machine can vaccinate 2500 chicks per hour. The connection to automatic chick belt is also possible.

To obtain the maximum result please ask your CEVA contact all information describing the operating process for setup, vaccination operation and cleaning of AUTOVAC machines inside the C.H.I.C.K. Program.

Desvac Hatch Spray

Vaccination by spray in semi automatic systems is usually the first one performed when a hatchery decides to start vaccinating, because of its apparent simplicity. But the nozzle technology and maintenance of the equipment need a thorough and dedicated work and knowledge. The equipment provided by CEVA Santé Animale is the Desvac HATCH SPRAY cabinet manufactured by Desvac SARL France. This is a semi automatic cabinet sprayer with 4 nozzles for the application of poultry respiratory vaccines to day old chickens (e.g.: CEVAC ® VITABRON, CEVAC ® VITAPEST).

The machine’s body is made from stainless steel. Its functioning is mainly based on pneumatic components. The machine has a roller system which makes handling extremely light and which places crates automatically in good position. A stainless steel plate under the roller system collects excess of liquid if necessary.

Please ask your CEVA contact information describing the operating process for setup, vaccination operation and cleaning of Desvac HATCH SPRAY cabinet inside the C.H.I.C.K. Program.

If you wish to contact Ceva please visit their contact page

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