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Pas Reform is an international company, which has specialized in the development of innovative hatchery technologies for the poultry sector since 1919.

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Air Handling Unit

Air Handling Units from Pas Reform: a reliable, high-quality heating and cooling ventilation system, to maintain optimum air temperature 24/7 in your hatchery.

Air Handling Unit

Supplied complete, includes Frequency controlled centrifugal fan; electrical switch box with climate controller;  servo motor-operated internal air valve; temperature controlled servo motor-operated water valves; high quality, quick-release filters; high efficiency heating and cooling elements; integrated frost protection and condensation extractor. The completely galvanized housing incorporates 50mm mineral wool isolation.

Standard suitable for environments from -10°C (optional -17 / -40°C) up to +30°C (optional +35 / +40°C).

The temperature, humidity and pressure in the hatchery is controlled by a Siemens Synco 700 regulator.

This regulator adjusts the speed of the high pressure centrifugal fan by frequency control, controlling the heater and cooler sections by servo motor operated water valves as well as external humidifiers.

Ensures that specified quantities of filtered air enter the hatchery at the correct temperature and humidity.

Technical Specifications



Vol. in m3/h


Cooling system

AHU-55 5,500 +40°C/50% RH Cooling 3
AHU-83 8,300 +35°C/50% RH Cooling 2
AHU-110 11,000 +30°C/50% RH Cooling 1
AHU-143 14,300 +24°C/50% RH No cooling

Vol. in m3/h


Heating system

AHU-188 18,800 +24°C/50% RH No heating
AHU-244 24,400 -10°C/50% RH Heating 1
AHU-280 28,000 -17°C/50% RH Heating 2
AHU-340 34,000 -40°C/50% RH Heating 3