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Pas Reform is an international company, which has specialized in the development of innovative hatchery technologies for the poultry sector since 1919.

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Chick counting and boxing system

Automatically counts and places day olds in chick boxes.

Key features

With minimal surface and the automatic selection of different chick sizes, Pas Reform’s chick counting and boxing system delivers ‘friendly’ chick handling, minimising stress and reducing travel time to the chick boxes for both small and large hatcheries.


Chicks are counted as they pass an infrared counting head - quickly and efficiently counting up to 30,000 chicks per hour. Capacity can be doubled to 60,000 day old chicks/hour by placing a second unit in parallel.

The system is accurate to within two chicks per thousand, with counting controlled by a micro-processor.

A control panel display shows the number of chicks per box and the total number of chicks counted. The number of chicks per box or compartment is adjustable. The sensor is easily removed for easy cleaning.

Animal welfare

The handling of one day olds is of great importance to hatchery customers, as rough handling can adversely affect chick quality. For this reason, the speed of the belt and drop height into the chick boxes is reduced to an absolute minimum to minimise stress.


Various options can be added to the system, including a stacker for filled chick boxes, a de-stacker for empty chick boxes, a separator, a chick take-off system and waste treatment equipment. 
Automatic spray vaccination equipment can be added to the discharge point of the chick counter, to  vaccinate the day olds against infectious bronchitis and/or Newcastle disease.

Technical Specifications

Capacity  30,000 chicks/hour Electrical requirements 230/400 Volts, 3 Ph + 0 + PE
Power consumption  0.5 kW Air pressure 6 bar
Materials  Constructed of stainless steel
Type of chick boxes One or two compartment boxes (optional: four compartments)
Box transport CC-11 The boxing system consists of a chain conveyor for box transport, which can be extended in length and connected to extra transport chains, stackers and de-stackers
Box transport CC-12 The boxing system is designed for one man operation and includes roller conveyors  for box transport (two per one chick counter). Filled boxes are pneumatically pushed from the supply box conveyor into the take off box conveyor.
Excludes compressor