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Pas Reform is an international company, which has specialized in the development of innovative hatchery technologies for the poultry sector since 1919.

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Room cooler/heater

An efficient, economical solution to temperature management anywhere in the hatchery.

Pas Reform’s room cooler/heater* may be used either to warm in the winter by ventilating warm air - or to cool in the summer by circulating fresh air.

The cooler/heater’s fan motor assembly incorporates ROTOREX technology and a streamlined impeller, for improved air handling efficiency and reduced noise levels.


Fan motor assembly with ROTOREX technology available in single-phase, variable speed version (reduced voltage). Double deflector diffuser with JET+ technology is included as standard equipment. 
Supplied for hot water supply with a single row heat exchanger, or for cold water supply with a triple row heat exchanger.

The cooler/heater is encased in precoated galvanised steel. Includes a built-in condensate drain pan with perforated bottom and quick connection fitting, for cooling or reversible applications.

* Each unit is single purpose, installed either to heat or to cool.

Technical Specifications

Heating capacity (LP Water):> 53 kW
Cooling capacity (LP Water): 10 kW
Electrical power: 0.45 kW; 2.0A; 1 x 230V; 50/60Hz
Flow: 6,000 m2/h (cooling) or 10,000 m3/h (heating)