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Pas Reform is an international company, which has specialized in the development of innovative hatchery technologies for the poultry sector since 1919.

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Setter trolley (un)loader

Fully automatic design for care and precision inloading or unloading setter trolleys and reduced operator fatigue.

The setter tray is pushed onto an automatic trolley feed unit which is transported into the trolley.

The automatic feeder unit returns, picks up the next setter tray and indexes automatically to the next loading height.

As loading is always positioned on one side of the trolley, batches remain unmixed. The trolley remains fixed and static throughout the entire operation, to be replaced by an operator when full.

Technical Specifications

STUL-1 Setter trolley loader  STUL-2 Setter trolley loader/unloader
Capacity: 60,000 eggs/hr Capacity: 40,000 eggs/hr*
Includes linear transport Includes easy operating control unit
Automatically loads setter trays Automatically loads and unloads setter trays
from egg setting line directly into setter trolley  from/into setter or farm trolley
Side by side unloading – prevents mixing of batches Reduces the incidence of operator RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)
Full colour touch screen display for easy operation  Easy to clean stainless steel construction
Easy to clean stainless steel construction
*STUL-2CAP Capacity enlargement is available for setter trolley loader/unloader. Increases capacity to 60,000 eggs/hr.