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AirStreamer™ concept

Incubator concept

The AirStreamer™ is setting new standards in single-stage incubation. Its concept and performance are truly unique.

The AirStreamer™ concept is based on two fundamental ideas:
    1. Uniformity of air distribution within a perfectly sealed environment
    2. Constant on-line monitoring and management of embryo behaviour (Bio-Response Incubation™)
The AirStreamer™ constantly out-performs any alternative incubation system. AirStreamer™ chicks hatch in bigger numbers and, even more importantly, they score significantly better on the quality scale: liveability, feed conversion and broiler yield attain previously unknown levels. Read on about the competitive advantages of AirStreamer™ incubation.

Our AirStreamer™ range of setters and hatchers for high-tech single-stage incubation

    1. Machines for chickens, turkeys and ducks
    2. Capacities ranging from 19,200 to 115,200 chicken eggs
    3. Various options available to comply with your specific requirements

Designed for single-stage operation

The AirStreamer™ is specifically developed for single-stage incubation. All parameters are controlled independently. Air distribution was intensively optimised. The design takes the high heat output of eggs of modern poultry breeds into account.

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