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Conventional concept

Incubator concept

Caring for our customers' profitability and product quality has made Petersime a world leader in incubation and incubator design. Hatchery performance is usually measured in terms of hatchability and chick quality but there is more.
To be really competitive, hatcheries must use all of their inputs as economically and efficiently as possible. These inputs are mainly labour, energy and building space. Petersime incubators are designed and built to maximise hatchery performance technically and economically ... year after year.

Our Conventional range of setters and hatchers offers you total freedom!

» Machines for chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese
» Capacities ranging from 16,800 to 115,200 chicken eggs
» A wide range of options to comply with your specific requirements

Single-stage or multi-stage? The choice is yours!

Perhaps you prefer multi-stage ...

» because your workers are used to the system » because of the lower initial investment

... or maybe you prefer single-stage

» because you can optimise incubation programmes per batch of eggs
» because it allows swift and total cleaning and sanitation after every transfer
» because it saves labour and avoids night and weekend work
» (with the 'delayed start' function, you can set your eggs on a Friday
» to start incubation on Sunday night)
» because, after transfer, there is time for preventive maintenance

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