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Eco-Drive™ concept


Push your incubator’s profitability to the limit

Eco-Drive™ is Petersime’s latest innovation assuring that the energy consumption of the pulsator motors is reduced by 50% without having any influence on the quality of the chicks. Eco-Drive™ is standard on all new AirStreamer™ setters and hatchers and can be retrofitted to existing AirStreamers™.

Focus on energy saving

Petersime’s R&D department has been focusing on energy saving for quite some time. Just think of the patented Dynamic Weight Loss System™, which closely monitors that the weight loss of the eggs is done in a controlled way. Obviously, this can only be achieved thanks to the fact that the AirStreamer™ machines are hermetically sealed. As a result, after a short initial heating phase, no further heating of the incubator is required. And that is a nice bonus when it comes to electricity consumption.

Eco-Drive™: even more energy saving

During the less critical stages of the incubation process (e.g. after cell division stage in the setter and before pipping in the hatcher), the power consumption and thus the electricity consumption of the pulsator motor is reduced to a minimum via Petersime’s Eco-Drive™, which leads to a substantial energy saving up to 50%.

Difference between installed power and actual consumption

There is still large confusion about the difference between the installed power and the actual electrical consumption.

An example: the technical concept of the AirStreamer™ on the one hand and the application of the principles of Non-Linear Weight Loss on the other allow us to be very economical with the heating power. For example, an AS-12S AirStreamer™ (57,600 eggs) has 6kW heating incorporated. At first sight, this might seem a lot, but the power is called upon for only 1/21 or 4.76% of the total incubation time.

The introduction of the Eco-Drive™ makes the story even more convincing. Both at the beginning and during the end phase of the incubation process, a high number of revs are needed to make optimal use of the respective heating and cooling. Because that need reduces considerably during the long period in between, Eco-Drive™ allows the number of revs to reduce substantially during that part of the process. That regulation action happens according to the ventilator law:

P1 = ( rpm 1 ) 3
P2 rpm 2

Or in other words: if Eco-Drive™ allows the motor e.g. to run 20% slower, then the consumption is reduced by 50%! As a result, Eco-Drive™ turns the AirStreamer™ into the machine with the lowest energy consumption per egg in the industry. In addition, the frequency drive on the pulsator motor that is used for Eco-Drive™ allows for the motor to start up slower. This does not only avoid very expensive energy peaks but also substantially prolongs the durability of a number of mechanical parts.

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