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Turkey concept

The P13 and AS-P13 system

Both the Conventional and the AirStreamer™ P13 incubation systems were specially developed for turkeys.
The Conventional P13 has already gained a strong reputation in the international turkey industry.
The AirStreamer™ P13 takes this one step further by adding bio-response features such as the Dynamic Weight Loss System™ and OvoScan™.

Benefits of both the Conventional and the AirStreamer™ P13 incubation systems include:

Optimal air distribution, adapted to turkey egg incubation:

Both ranges of machines were developed with a clear focus on optimising temperature distribution within the boundaries of air velocity values supported by turkey eggs. In order to achieve this uniformity and to maintain a gentle but unhindered flow and comfortable conditions, even when loaded with very large eggs, the cabinet has substantially more volume per egg compared to traditional incubators.

Special trolleys and unique turning system:

Both the setter and hatcher pallet trolleys are designed so that the trays are positioned perpendicular to the pulsator surface, in order to enhance airflow over the eggs.
Every setter trolley has its own turning actuator, which is removable for unhindered washing.

Both P13 systems are operated on an "all in – all out" basis:
  • This allows thorough cleaning and sanitation after each incubation cycle and prevents cross-contamination from one batch of eggs to another.
  • You can optimise incubation programmes per batch of eggs.
  • This saves labour and avoids night and weekend work (with the ‘delayed start’ function, you can set your eggs on a Friday to start incubation on Sunday night).
  • After transfer, there is time for preventive maintenance.

Other turkey incubators

In addition to the P13 systems, Petersime offers a range of setters and hatchers that are specially adapted for hatching turkeys. These turkey incubators can be operated as either single-stage or multi-stage machines.

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