'Children come before chickens'

by 5m Editor
3 June 2005, at 12:00am

MISSOURI - A local citizen&#39;s group intends to stop a proposed Moark expansion until the company can prove they are indeed &quot;a good neighbor.&quot; The Southwest Missouri Citizens Against Local Moark Expansion (SWMCALME) said their intention is not to shut down the egg producer, but to get them to address a series of environmental violations. &quot;I think everybody that lives out here has been looking the other way,&quot; said Dr. Richard Betz, one of the founders of the group. &quot;As long as they&#39;re not growing any bigger, they tolerate it.&quot; The group began in February after neighbors of the Moark complex south of Neosho were notified of a request made to the Missouri Depart-ment of Natural Resources to add 3.2 million hens to the 1.3 million present at its Moark 7 complex south of Neosho. Moark has announced that it was expanding and modernizing the Crowder facility. According to Moark officials, this expansion includes constructing 13-16 state-of-the-art egg laying facilities while eliminating many current, outdated facilities. These more modern facilities will significantly reduce odors associated with a large poultry operation, officials have said, as each building will be equipped with a drying tube placed beneath the cages to dry the manure. <i>Source:</i>

5m Editor