Russia to keep imported meat quotas until 2009

by 5m Editor
1 July 2005, at 12:00am

MOSCOW - Russia will keep its right to set quotas on poultry, beef and pork imports until 2009, the country&#39;s chief negotiator with the World Trade Organization (WTO) said Thursday in the lower chamber of parliament. Speaking at a session of the State Duma&#39;s committee for agrarian issues, Maxim Medvedkov said that quotas would remain unchanged. But he added that quotas would be raised by 2%, if Russia joined the WTO. &quot;This is the price of our partners&#39; consent to keep the quotas,&quot; Medvedkov said. &quot;This figure is half of the expected minimum growth in the consumption of the relevant products in Russia.&quot; <i>Source: RIA Novosti</i>

5m Editor