Tornado Demolishes Georgia Chicken Farms

by 5m Editor
31 August 2005, at 12:00am

CARROLL COUNTY, GA - A confirmed tornado that struck Carroll County Monday afternoon left tens of thousands of chickens dead and several poultry farms leveled. A farm owner who contracted with GoldKist was left in extremely critical condition after being struck in the head while checking on his birds. &quot;This is the hardest hit area of the state,&quot; said State Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine. By daybreak Tuesday, the chicken carcasses dotted the razed earth of rural Carroll County, where a tornado flattened at least 30 chicken houses, according to Carroll fire Chief Gary Thomas. At one family-run poultry farm, eight buildings that housed 240,000 chickens were flattened by the high winds. The owner of the family-run business left his wife and three children in the basement of his home about 4 p.m. Monday while he went to check on his flock. He was struck in the head by debris and airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center for treatment. A relative of the victim called the farm a 100 percent loss. <i>Source:</i>

5m Editor