New Use For Poultry Manure That Could Save Waterways

by 5m Editor
26 October 2005, at 12:00am

DELMARVA - Allen Family Foods of Seaford has a new solution to a smelly problem. They will be the first poultry company on Delmarva to turn some of the area&#39;s 700,000 tons of manure a year into fuel. The aim is to keep that manure out of local waterways. Allen&#39;s new system will burn through about 12,000 tons of that litter a year. They will heat the litter into a steam to cook their chicken&#39;s inedible parts. Michael Pilcher, Vice President of Operations at Allen&#39;s, said it will help farmers ease up on the amount of fertilizer they put on the ground. &quot;Longterm, the growth of the industry on the Eastern Shore will be capped. If we don&#39;t have other places to go, there&#39;s only so much land and so much nitrogen and phosphorus we can put on the land.&quot; Right now, farmers put chicken waste on their fields. Farmers from any of Delmarva&#39;s 5,100 chicken houses will be able to sell their litter to the Allen Plant. They hope to have it ready by next September. <i>Source: </i>

5m Editor