Don't give up - fight's not over, producers told

by 5m Editor
22 December 2005, at 12:00am

AUSTRALIA - The state&#39;s egg producers would &quot;have a case&quot; if they went to court to stop cheap interstate produce being dumped on the local market, a specialist trade practices lawyer believes. Sydney barrister Neil Francey yesterday said &quot;predatory pricing&quot; was evident in SA and that local producers would have grounds to apply for a court injunction against major interstate competitors Pace Farm and Sunny Queen. Mr Francey said the fact that eggs were being dumped in SA for, in some cases, less than 69c a dozen proved &quot;something has gone wrong&quot;. Although a preliminary investigation from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission found &quot;no evidence&quot; of interstate suppliers taking advantage of their market power, Mr Francey told local producers not to give up. &quot;They certainly don&#39;t have to wait until the ACCC decides when it is going to take action,&quot; he said. &quot;Other parties can take out proceedings, and that could be South Australian producers, the SA Government, or consumers.&quot; <i>Source: The Advertiser</i>

5m Editor