French chefs in a flap over Japan's poultry ban

by 5m Editor
28 February 2006, at 12:00am

FRANCE - Bernard Anquetil only has enough imported French duck to last about a week, while across Tokyo fellow French chef Dominique Corby has been forced to take foie gras off the menu. Japan&#39;s decision to ban poultry imports from France, including foie gras, over bird flu fears has caused alarm in the community of French chefs in Tokyo. &quot;I am very worried. Duck is used in 30 to 40 percent of my menu,&quot; said Anquetil, boss of &quot;Petit Bedon&quot;, a well-known French restaurant in the chic Daikanyama district of the Japanese capital. &quot;For a week we can draw on stocks of duck, but after that, it all depends on how long the ban lasts,&quot; he added. At &quot;Le Sixieme Sens&quot; the menus have changed due to the ban, which was imposed late Friday just hours after Paris said that the deadly H5N1 bird flu virus had been discovered in a second wild duck found dead in southeast France. &quot;I can get frozen products but I work only with fresh ingredients,&quot; said chef Corby. &quot;For us French restaurateurs, the impact of the ban is huge,&quot; he added. <i>Source: TodayOnline</i>

5m Editor