Salmonella Kit Delivers Results In Under A Day, Company Claims

by 5m Editor
31 March 2006, at 12:00am

EU - A new testing kit for Salmonella promises to deliver results in less than a day. Salmonella is one of the food industry&#39;s most problematic food-poisoning bacteria. In 2004 the most frequently reported zoonotic diseases in humans were salmonellosis and campylobacteriosis, with the most deadly being listerious, according to a European Commission report. Eggs, poultry meat and pork are the major sources of human Salmonella infections. UK-based Biotrace International claims its Tecra Unique Salmonella test provides a simple and rapid method to detect Salmonella spp. in food and environmental samples in less than 22 hours. The kit contains all the reagents needed for the testing in ready-to-use, self-contained modules, with the positive and negative controls are built-in. This makes the kit useful for running a single test or for testing multiple samples. Unlike many other rapid Salmonella tests, Unique Salmonella can be run manually. It can be fully automated using Biotrace&#39;s Unique Pplus instrument. &quot;There is only one simple enrichment step, saving on media and autoclaving costs,&quot; Biotrace stated. The kit can also be used with Biotrace&#39;s Quick-Enrich MBPW, a 225mL of sterile modified buffered peptone water pre-dispensed in a stand-up bag. The food sample can be added o the bag, mixed and allowed to incubate. <i>Source: Food Production Daily</i>

5m Editor